Loan consolidation by phone


Did you run out of money? Do you need a quick financial injection? In this case, you can opt for non-bank consolidated loans, which are a great way to quickly cover different expenses. Now we can take them online. However, we can also find consolidated loan offers by phone. What is it about?

We have prepared an attractive offer for our clients – it is a consolidated loan by phone, which can be requested through our new mobile application. This is our step towards smartphone users who want to get quick access to money.

Consolidated loans now available everywhere

Until now, access to the my account was only possible on computers. However, we decided to meet the expectations of our customers and created a mobile application, thanks to which our clients can have access to the my account anytime and anywhere.

Along with the taking of the installment consolidated loan in our company, the customer receives access to an individual account. After logging in to this account from your computer, we can read about our consolidated loan, among other things, we can check its amount, the dates of subsequent installments to be repaid, we can also easily fill in further consolidated loan applications when we want to take the next one.

The application is very easy to use and legible, therefore its service will not cause you any problems. To start using it, you just need to download it, install it and log in to your account, which is also possible via Facebook.

The main functionalities of the mobile application are:

• payment calendar – thanks to it, we can always easily check the information about the date of the next installment, to pay it back on time, in the payment calendar, we can also see the amount of subsequent installments to be repaid

• holiday on repayment – this function allows you to get a monthly break in repayment of the obligation

• consolidated loan application – through the application, we can also prepare a consolidated loan application, and then get a quick decision and transfer funds from the consolidated loan granted

• completed data form – thanks to the fact that the form is completed immediately, we can use consolidated loans more conveniently and save time

These are just a few options of our mobile application, because it also allows you to use other options to help you borrow and pay them. They will be appreciated by our clients.


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